Halloween Spook Bowls for Kids

There's more to Halloween decorating than spooky sights and sounds. Amp up the fear factor this year with these full sensory spook bowls perfect for your little sweet-toothed trick-or-treaters. Give them something to scream about!

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It's A Wrap: Stamped-Up Gift Tags

I was recently asked to make some gift tags for a geometric and neon wedding. It was such a fun and colorful craft project, so I wanted to share the how-to with all of you!

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I Try DIY Shop

It's been busy at the I Try DIY HQ. We had our first bazaar this Christmas season, put up crafts stations at a couple birthday parties, churned out a lot of halloween tutorials for the site, and worked on new workshop offerings! The biggest undertaking though is finally complete, and we can't wait to share it with you.

We finally opened the online I Try DIY Shop! After a couple years of selling craft tools and handmade goods at random bazaars, we thought we had to make our items available to a bigger crowd. We have a wide array of craft tools, decorative punchers, stamps and stationery items.

I often get orders for paracord bracelets. On the shop, you can make custom selections for styles and orders. That way, you can order a bracelet just the way you want it. Each bracelet will be made to order!

I Try DIY has written up a few mini-zines. These are short guides for a variety of crafts. We're offering digital downloads of these zines. As soon as you purchase a zine through the shop, you'll be able to download the file immediately! The Art of Pressed Flowers mini-zine is available now. We'll be adding more and more in the next months.

We just integrated our workshop registrations with the shop. You can now register and pay for the workshops at the same time as purchasing craft items. It's a one stop shop, that's for sure.

The shop is user-friendly! You can add items to your wishlist and purchase them later when you're ready. When you check out, you have the option of paying directly through PayPal or offline via bank transfer or deposit. Everything is automated so delays and lost orders are less likely to happen.

I'm definitely an on-the-go person. The shop is mobile-friendly, and that's a huge plus for me. What that means is, you can access the shop on any of your devices without having to squint your eyes or zoom things to view them.

More and more items will be added to the shop in the next weeks. Go ahead and click, SHOP on the menu to start browsing through! Happy crafting!

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Font Fix: Mix Demi Sans

Here's your font fix for the month!

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DIY Envelopes

I know standard issue envelopes are easy to find. But what if you have a card or letter that's not quite a standard? It's actually pretty easy to make your own custom envelopes, no matter the size or shape of what needs to be contained. There are several tools out there for making envelopes. I won't deny it. I love my tools. I even sell a few of them here in Manila.

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It's a Wrap: Triangle Origami Boxes

Good things come in tiny packages! I guess one type of candy packaging wasn't enough for me this year. This year though, there's an origami theme going on. Here's a simple triangle origami box or pouch that can hold some loose candy like Skittles or M&Ms.

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It's A Wrap: Origami Boxes

It's that time of the year again when I come up with different ways of packing up some halloween candy. I came up with these Milk Cartons last year, and Candy Poppers the year before that. Seems like it's becoming a tradition on the site. Here's an origami box and lid tutorial you can use for any occasion!
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