Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Wall Art - Geometric Stitching on Burlap

After doing the Fabric Wall Art project for www.RealLiving.com.ph, I wanted to make more and more craft wall hangings. Since I've been on a roll with all the stitching, this project just came easily.

I was debating on what type of fabric to use. I didn't want to use canvas, cross stitch fabric or katcha. So, off to my fabric and table cloth stash I went and pulled out some burlap/jute.

I always have an abundant supply of DMC thread, so it was the obvious choice. I guess you can use any type of thread, but I went for their thicker cotton skeins to go with the larger weave of the fabric.

I randomly stitched some triangles. No patterns. No plan. I just kept stitching!

I sewed triangles adjacent to each other. Like my recent projects, the design turned out being geometric again!

After I was done, I took a plain canvas I had lying around. Of course, it had to be smaller than my piece of fabric.

I then stapled the fabric onto the canvas, making sure to pull tight with each staple. You don't want the whole thing falling apart later on!

I'm nearly out of walls to hang my stuff on! What am I supposed to do with all these wall art pieces? :) I'd love to see what designs you come up with. Tag me @mikkomix on instagram!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Stitched Swap Watch Straps

Earlier this month, Tomato invited me to attend their Swap Watch and Swap DIY event. Mansy and I attended the event together. They introduced us to their line of swap watches. We got to design our own watch faces, make loom band straps and, of course, do a little shopping.

We were all given a few additional straps to take home with us. Since I already had regular and loom band straps, I wanted to try out something new. I had to get creative with this rubber silicone jelly-type watch strap.

Much like what I did with my DIY Notebooks, I wanted to do some stitching. I started out by making tiny dot markings on the straps.

I chose a complementary-colored thread that would match the strap I wanted to use.

Then, I stitched away! At first, I thought the straps were going to be too thick to stitch through. The straps were thick but fairly easy to poke holes through.

I made small chevron stitches on either side of the watch face. I popped in my black and white houndstooth face. All done! ♥

Can't buy from Tomato? Try using these watches!

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