Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Leather Tassel Necklace

When I saw these leather tassel earrings in Divisoria at P30 a pair, I knew I had to buy a few pairs and make something with them. I remembered THIS tutorial I wrote for CandyMag.Com, and went ahead and worked off of that.

I have extra necklace chains lying around, so I grabbed a gold one to match the tassel barrels.

The first order of business was to remove all the earring hooks from the tassels. I wasn't going to use them as earrings anyways.

With my trusty pliers, I opened the jump rings. Remember to always open jump rings sideways and not apart, so you don't break them!

Then, I hooked the tassels onto the chain, about 5 spaces apart.

All done!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bren's Disney Cars 7th Birthday Party!

I spent a huge chunk of my March with these two crazies. Niña choraled us to plan and style her nephew's 7th birthday party. Bren was really into Disney's CARS, so coming up with a theme wasn't a problem.

We mostly kept to the color red, and the checkered flag.

Niña made the cones, checkered flags and traffic lights herself. Pam helped her out with the race track on the floor. We filled the kids table with CARS-inspired hot wheels, CARS coloring books and crayons.

We made sure to order a CARS cake. To keep in theme, the cake just had to be Red Velvet.

Niña and her hubby Pete made these totally adorable cardboard box CARS characters. They were later used for a Parent+Child relay race.

We covered these paper maché letters with checkered print gift wrapper.

Each guest got a VIP Pit Crew Pass. Of course, Bren was the Crew Chief!

Niña came up with this ingenious idea of having a pedestal, perfect for a photo op! We took photos of the relay race winners.

Pam was in charge of our Refueling Station. That's just the CARS way of calling the dessert buffet.

Chocolate-dipped oreos were GUIDO-reos. We also had red velvet cake pops dipped in milk and white chocolate.

Radiator Springs Waterfalls was the fondue. Mater Oil was iced tea.

Nuts N' Bolts was a mix of nuts and chocolates.

Rusteze Krispies plated in a checkered pattern. Hudson Hornet's Dipsticks were a huge hit as well.

Lastly, we had Luigi's Black Tires (chocolate doughnuts).

If you want us to plan and style your next party, let me know! I also design invitations and printables!
Contact me by e-mail at mynameismikko[at]me[dot]com!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Candy DIY Book

Another birthday, another book!

It feels like only yesterday when The Friendship Bracelet Book came out. Two years later, here I am grateful for another crafts book I was lucky enough to work on. I was a squealing mess when I finally got my own copy of the book.

I got to work with these three other craft crazies. Every time the four of us get together, it turns into an afternoon of crazy laughter over the silliest things. I still remember the day we were sitting at a table, coming up with new passion projects we can work on.

Once Candy tapped us to work on this DIY book, we were coming up with these ideas for the book. It was truly a craft marathon, coming up with 100+ DIY projects every Candy Girl could make.

Next thing on the agenda, was having a mini Craft Party and Book Signing. It was a great opportunity to meet some other crafters!

And just like any other time we get together, we were laughing up a storm.

Barangay Sumulong came in full force to support the event.

In this photo, you can see a VIP guest peeking right beside me.

You see, on Page 27 of the book, is one of the Room crafts I came up with. The silhouette I used for the project was of my niece Estelle.

Estelle dropped by the launch, not just to support her favorite crafters but also to sign Page 27!

These girls are truly some of the craziest people out there. They are a hoot to hang around with, and are inspiring crafters and artists. I had so much fun working on these projects with Mansy, Macy and Alessa. I hope you enjoy making the projects too!

If you need ideas to help you decorate your room, jazz up your style, get ready for school or work your way in the kitchen, this book is perfect for you! The Candy DIY Book is available at bookstores and newsstands for P175. Grab a copy now!

Don't forget to use #CandyDIYBook when posting your own DIY projects! ♥♥♥ Steph Yapnayon, Pat Martires, Christine Ko and Candy Magazine. ♥♥♥
Team Effort!
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