Wednesday, July 30, 2014

LeBlanc Resort Antipolo

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it here, but I'm a product of Antipolo City. I spent most of my childhood running around our family compound situated at the end of Sumulong Highway. Our compound was known as the White House.

We've sold our property there, but a relative of ours kept their home and converted it into a resort. The resort is now named LeBlanc. In the last month alone, I've been to LeBlanc Resort twice. Had a Pressed Flowers workshop once, and a family reunion/sleepover once.

Tita Myrna made this mural in honor of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. I wrote about the Antipolo Cathedral in a previous entry HERE.

When we were younger, we kept bugging our parents and grandparents for a swimming pool. It wasn't until now, over a decade later, that our childhood wish became true.

Food at LeBlanc is delicious. We were served plates of food tasting during the Pressed Flowers workshop. What a treat that was! At our family gathering, my Japanese aunt gave in to my request of DIY sushi. Yummy.

Beautiful flower arrangements are all around LeBlanc. I was so tempted to steal this bouquet to press the petals for later.

The Pressed Flowers workshop was an intimate gathering. It was a group of family and friends--the best kind of crafting, for sure.

I wasn't able to take photos of everyone's work (because we were too busy making things). Here are a few shots I managed to sneak in that afternoon.

Gotta love them flowers.

The next workshop will be on August 17, at Hey Kessy Studio in Quezon City. Sign up for the workshop HERE.

LeBlanc Hey Kessy Studio

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wire-Wrapped Gem Pendants

Sometime last year, I posted some photos on my then (and again now) Current Craft: Wire Jewelry. I made these Rose-Shaped Wire Rings and those word pendants in script. I've owed you guys the tutorial for the wire-wrapped gem pendants, so finally, here it is!

Apart from the wire, you'll need a wire cutter, pliers and your choice of gems. I really liked these teardrop style ones. I'll be getting the turquoise ones to keep on hand.

Start out by cutting a strip of wire. I used a 12-inch piece of 18-gauge wire. I used the largest wire that could fit through the gem.

With your pliers, bend the tip of one end. This is the wire way of making a knot when using thread.

String the gem through the wire, from bottom to top.

Make a loop as close to the top as possible.

Then, start wrapping the wire around the gem. Keep it as tight as possible. Make sure to flatten the end of the wire, so it doesn't snag on your clothing, or scratch your skin.

With a sturdy jump ring, attach the gem to a necklace to make for a cute gem pendant.

If your gems are lightweight, you can make a pair to wear as earrings! Just attach the loops to earring hooks.

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